How it works

Have you started noticing small brown spots on your skin? These sun spots are a form of skin damage, and they represent one of the most common signs of premature aging.

Glo Esthetics photofacial treatments effectively target pigment under the skin’s surface to reduce the appearance of discoloration. The treatment also works on vascular marks (distended blood vessels often caused by UV exposure), such as spider veins and port wine stains. All it takes is a few quick treatments.

IPL Photofacial Glo Esthetics

Who can be treated?

The best candidate is someone who has an uneven complexion with signs of discoloration or visible veins on their skin. Additionally, these treatments work best for individuals with light to medium skin tones.

What to expect?

Each client will need roughly 4-5 treatments to achieve their desired results. IPL treatments will last roughly 15-20 minutes, however the exact amount of time ultimately depends on the individual being treated. Past clients have expressed mild discomfort with the procedure. It is often described as someone flicking the skin.

Before & After